Reddit nbastreams Banned – Best Alternatives to Watch NBA Streams in Season 2019-20

Reddit NbaStreams

In Today’s article, we are talking about Reddit nbastreams which was banned by Reddit for various reasons. No doubt Once again Reddit took a disheartening decision against their users, by banning beloved subreddit for NBA Fans. Reddit also applied before this disappointing decision against Soccer Lovers by banning their dearest Subreddit of Soccer Streams.

If you are one of the fans of basketball so you may want to find out the reason for banning, in order to get the solution and answer. Let’s move on into the story of how such a beloved subreddit of the NBA community was taken down by Reddit and also look at the alternatives to watch NBA games online on your mobile and PC for free.

What is Reddit NBAStreams?

This could be very painful news for all the NBA lovers who used to watch NBA games online for free. r/nbastreams was subreddit with almost 400,000 which had been taken offline after copyright infringement from the ending of NBA season 2019. It was the most trusted subreddit for sharing full HD working streams for the NBA fans.

As mentioned earlier, Reddit NBAStreams was one of the beloved subreddit of NBA Fans, and it was the most popular source to watch every NBA games live streams in one place. It was used by the users of all over the world and almost all fans of basketball were a subscriber of it.

Before banning, there were more than 400,000 members of this massive community at the beginning of 2019. But unfortunately, 2019 might be the last year of this subreddit. However, If you are interested to watch each sports game like NBA, NFL, etc. You should visit CricFree the best alternative to watch all sports matches in one place.


Why Was Reddit NBAStreams Banned?

Reddit nbastreams banned

In the year of 2019  on June 19, Reddit nbastreams was banned by Reddit. After this happened a lot of basketball fans started to know the reason behind the ban. But actually this subreddit r/nbastreams was officially shut down, due to repeated violations of Reddit’s copyright infringement policy. According to the policy:

“Our policy is to close the accounts of users, in appropriate circumstances, who have repeatedly been charged with copyright infringement. Sometimes a repeat infringement problem is limited to one user and we close just that user’s account. Other times, the problem pervades a whole subreddit community and we close the subreddit.

Another reason for the banning of this subreddit was that streamers started to provide spammy streaming links, and everyone had started the use of these direct or acestream links to Watch NBA Online for free. Obviously it’s illegal to do such activities hence it caused for shutting down the subreddit permanently.

However, this community was very famous among basketball fans who could use it to find live streams of every NBA game just for free. Most of the basketball fans pay many fees to access NBA league matches to watch their dearest team play. But, this subreddit r/nbastreams was totally free of cost, whether it’s legal or illegal. If you have used it before the takedown so that’s good at all, but if you not, I think you have missed it.


How to Watch NBA Online for free in 2019-20 NBA Season?

There are many websites on the internet which are providing good quality like 480p, 720p, 1080p direct or acestream links to Watch Reddit NBA Streams Online for free. You might have begun your research to find out those websites which are covering the whole Basketball season without paying any charges. Right, it’s not simple to search those websites easily, hence to reduce your burden we have done it for. Do not worry guys, I have found some best alternatives from where you can grab the NBA Live Stream and updates.

Which are the alternatives for Reddit NBAstreams subreddit?


Reddit nbastreams alternatives

This website is reliable and providing the number of streaming links to watch NBA games online without any kind of subscription or Registration. Although it’s a free streaming website despite it’s covering every season of the basketball game. You just need to visit this site and watch all the seasons of the NBA without any restrictions.

You can also see the live scores of all NBA games, this website looks good for both pc and mobile and even for all devices, it’s load fast moreover it’s easy to navigate.



Reddit nba streams alternatives

This website is providing the good quality streaming links like 480p to 1080p for all kinds of sports including NBA, Football, NHL, Cricket, etc. You can watch all major sports league including English premier league, UEFA Champions League,  Italian Serie A, La Liga and especially NBA or Basketball. This site is totally free of cost you don’t have to do subscription or Registration.

There are few ads you will face when you will visit this site, but there are no more restrictions. You can see live scores of all sports leagues, and you can also watch highlights of recent games on this website.


can watch NBA live stream on Reddit still?

If you are still looking for live NBA streams on Reddit, so don’t worry because it’s possible there are other subreddits for NBA Games.


It’s the subreddit for Nba it’s not best like old r/nbastreams, but still, it’s count as NBA subreddit. You can not find a number of links to watch basketball games, and this subreddit is not posting Game Thread regularly before kick-off. However, you can try it. And this subreddit also has created a new community for basketball fans which is known as r/adam_silverfanpage


Reddit nbastreams Discord Channel for 2019-20

Discord is a chatting application available for all devices supported including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The moderator’s team of Nba streams Reddit already recognized that Reddit will ban their subreddit soon. So they immediately took action and started the discord Channel before the subreddit banned.

By the way, you should use the discord server in order to remain connected with the NBA community. Discord is the source of communication, which helps you to communicate with peoples, by using it you can share links, videos, and images. The only disadvantage of Discord is that you can’t get direct streaming links or you can not watch live streams.

But still, if you will be connected to Discord you may get streaming links to watch Nba Streams Live.

Discord Channel Link:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Was r/nbatreams legal?

Unfortunately, it was not legal. People were sharing a lot of direct spammy streaming links. Due to this other legal streaming services took legal actions against it, hence it’s clearly illegal.

  • Are alternatives to Reddit NBA streams legal?

Yep, I have shared few alternatives which are completely legal and owned by there respected owners. You can watch your favorite Nba streams online free by using them.


  • Where can I watch Nba Live Stream?

There are many of websites (Reddit nbatreams alternatives) and apps available. I will suggest a site called NbaBite is one of the best websites for streaming NBA online free. You just have to visit it and enjoy unlimited Nba games online.



In short, r/nbastreams subreddit which was loved by millions of NBA lovers from all around the world is no more available on Reddit. So, if you would like to stay updated with your favorite sport, then you should go ahead with the alternative methods mentioned in this article. Hope this post will be helpful.

If you know better options than the above-mentioned alternatives, let others know about them in the comment section. That may be helpful for others too. I would be adding more such Reddit NBA streams alternatives and discord servers to find out the best quality free streaming links. 

Keep supporting your favorite team!





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